Look Our Way to Fish the

Chesapeake Bay!

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Look Our Way to Fish the

Chesapeake Bay!

Light Tackle Charters
Fly-fishing Charters
Family Fishing Charters

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Thrilling Fishing Expeditions

Rock On Charter Fishing is a family business that takes pride in what we do. We fish all over the Middle and Lower Bay and have a network of captains, so they constantly stay on the fish. Come experience what the world-famous Chesapeake Bay has to offer. Rex & his family have fished the Chesapeake Bay area for the majority of the anglers’ lives and have a combined experience of over 25 years. Bring your kids and learn to fish with Rock On!

The ROCF team is committed to providing you with an unforgettable fishing experience whether you want to hunt open water for Striped Bass(AKA Rockfish), Perch, and Bluefish, disappear in the shallows to cast a fly at Bull Redfish or Cobia, sight fish the Eastern Shore’s islands for a mixed bag, or build your own custom trip. Our crew has the perfect combination of knowledge, experience, and expertise to put you on the fish!

During the Chesapeake Bay fishing charters season, anglers are able to chase various species of fish the Bay has to offer to utilize light tackle, fly, and live bait techniques. On each of its adventures, the crew tailors the perfect fishing experience based on its guests’ skill sets and objectives with respect to the species targeted. Come and learn about some of the crew’s exciting fishing adventures in the Chesapeake Bay’s Middle and Lower Bay.

The boat you’ll be using is a nearly 30’ Pathfinder that can safely take up to 6 guests, including accommodating those using wheelchairs. The boat comes with a toilet, a wireless trolling motor, and an ice box. The crew will take care of everything you need for a wonderful day on the water. Just remember to bring some food, and you’ll be set to go.

Fly-fishing anglers will love our new Hewes 21 Redfisher . It will go extremely shallow for fishing the island. But can handle big water for days when there are birds and breaking fish all over the big water.

We take special joy in ensuring an amazing trip for anglers of all skill levels. If you’re looking for an upbeat captain to provide you and your family with the trip of a lifetime, look no further!


The Reviews

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"(Captain) Scott is affable, knowledgable, patient, and engaging. His boat is clean, inviting, and FAST, but also smooth across the water. His half day trip was a perfect way for my son and I to “get our feet wet” (pun intended) on charter trips in the Bay.

To put it shortly, this booking was a complete jackpot. My son and I cannot wait to do it again, and, God willing, we will definitely hook up with Scott again in our near future."

- Dino E.

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"Me and the wife were visiting Maryland for a wedding and decided to check out the fishing in Chesapeake, we booked a half day trip, weather wasn’t the best, but it was definitely worth It.

This boat is fully loaded, beautiful boat even has a bathroom under the center console. Boat has 20 poles with all different rigs. Captain helps you with anything you need, if you’re not the best at fishing no worries captain and his help will help you with everything.

We caught rock fish and Shads. Overall it was a great experience, definitely coming back."

- Anthony A.

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"Captain Scott, his boat and equipment were excellent. He was incredible with my 6 and 9 year old boys. This was their first fishing trip ever and I could not have been happier with the experience they had. We were catching Spot fish 2 at a time and the boys were thrilled.

The captain kept our hooks constantly baited and attended to all of our needs. We all loved the fast boat as well, at one point I think we hit 50+ mph. Looking forward to the fall where we can hook into some bigger fish."

- Scott H.

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"Caught a lot of fish with the help of Captain Scott and was a well Guide to learn from. Will be back this summer For sure can’t wait to catch a lot more fishes.

PS: caught 11 fishes !!!!!! That one hell of a record for Me"

- Moshay M.

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"We had a great time with Rex on our full day trip. The boat, crew & equipment was top notch. We fished a lot of water and caught plenty of fish. They were very attentive to all our needs on the boat and are very knowledgeable of the area.

We will be back and highly recommend Rock On Charters!!"

- Greg B.

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"Captain Scott & Rex worked hard the entire time to put us on the fish. The boat and tackle were great.

We had a great time and would recommend Rock On Charters to anyone looking for a great fishing experience."

- Brian P.

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